Meat CHop Inc.


We make sausages and smokies in small batches to ensure quality over quantity. We want you to love it!

Sausages and Smokies made from both domestic and wild meat

From start to finish we custom process beef, bison, elk, pork, lamb and goat. 

Our team of experienced meat cutters, sausage makers and wrappers are happy to offer you our service. 




AB Liscensed Meat Facility Abattoir

AB Licensed Food Handling Facility.

Limited weights/sizes available. While Quantities last.

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While supplies last

BEEF Steak           Sale Price

                           (Bulk 10 lb bag)

Tenderloin                $10.00/lb
New York                    $7.00/lb
Rib Steak                   $8.50/lb
Sirloin                         $5.50/lb
Sirloin Tip                   $5.00/lb
Top Round                 $5.00/lb
Eye of Round             $5.00/lb
Outside Flat               $5.00/lb
Chuck Steak              $4.00/lb
Cross Rib Steak         $4.00/lb

While supplies last

Custom Processing

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